Residential Screening

Our services include Residential Screening, Guarantor Reports, Employment Screening, Guardian Shield, and a customer service and training department that is second to none.

Scoring Profile Services can be added on to any report for dramatic improvements in occupancy, renewal and retention rates.

We use the National Criminal Tracking Center [NCTC] criminal history database that provides an in-depth nationwide coverage of criminal data.

All criminal background reports run by Tenant Tracker include free terrorist and fugitive screening. Others charge extra, or don't even offer this data. But, we have always been the most comprehensive and cost effective criminal history resource.

Options Include

National Credit Reports
National Criminal Records from the NCTC
Guardian Shield
Registered Sex Offenders Check
Check Writing Records from Telecheck
National Tenant History Records
Financial Score Profile
National Fast Track Alert
SSN Verification & Fraud Check
Verify Employment and Residence
Spouse Report
ID Verification

Free Collection Processing

Unfortunately one bad resident can wipe out the hard earned profits of numerous good residents, and furnishing accurate information is critical for the health of our industry. Tenant Tracker is a Consumer Reporting Agency and not a Collection Agency. So, in our Free Processing role we focus on promptly getting the information to the consumer reporting agencies to alert others to the risks, and then forward the account to an appropriate independent Collection Agency where we will administratively monitor the account for you.

Simply give us a breakdown of charges, check the appropriate box, sign and you're done. Our standards for collection processing includes:

Post to all 3 Credit Reporting Agencies
Weekly skip tracing for up to 7 years
Legally compliant dunning letters
Full service Dispute Resolution Center
Experienced legal oversight
Full service Negotiation Center

Free Product Recommendation

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